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Friday, 4 October 2013

My Show and Musical Oscars (by Robert)

Hello and welcome to my show, Robert's Oscars with me, your host, Robert. If you like songs, comedy, fun and more, then these are the shows you want to go to.

             At number one, we have the show with the most laughs. Our first award goes to
Potted Potter
Potted Potter is all the Harry Potter books in 60 minutes. It is very funny and you join in too. To find out more, read Jessie's review of the show, Potted Potter
              Now the most emotional show ever. Some people have seen this eight times or more, the amazing 

This wicked show is what happened before the Wizard Of Oz. In the show, you see how the Tin Man lost his heart, how the Wizard was bad and how the Scarecrow came to be. The story was so sad that I was crying by the end. It has great songs and music, like Defying Gravity and Popular.

                                      The songs were good but not as good as the songs in 
Based on the book wrote by Roald Dahl, the amazing Matilda The Musical has great songs like When I grow up and Naughty. 

                                 The cast and characters were great but not as great as the ones in 

All the puppets were great, and Pinocchio's nose was hilarious but not as good as Farquad, more commonly known as Prince Charming. 

                                                                 the last award today is
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

This breathtaking show had puppets made to look like Oompa Loompas, which was great, the trap doors and tunnels were awesome. The best bit was right at the end, but what happens is a secret so if you want to find out you'll need to take a visit. 

                                               bubbling down below is the Sound of Music 
We saw the Sound Of Music in an open air theatre, but it is still a great show either way in or outside. It is funny and entertaining. I thought the dances were great but it wasn't enough to get an award.

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