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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Puffin Post!

Puffin Post is one of the best magazines I have ever come across. Puffin Post is for children aged 9 or older, and Puffin Post For Pufflings is for 7-9 year olds. Both magazines are about books and puffins, and every issue is fun and enjoyable. The Puffin Post website is here. There are six issues of Puffin Post a year, and each one has a selection of books. You can choose one and they will send it to you!

One reason my brother and I like these magazines is that they make you feel part of a "puffin" community- something most magazines don't provide. The jokes are not annoying and every competition is exciting and challenging. I am a big reader and am always looking for new books, so It's great to find three or four books which look good in each one - plus one is free! Mixed in with the fun, jokes, books and puffins, is the actual learning, which teaches you to write well; poems and examples of other stories help. There is even a maths page. However, it is written in so well that you don't even notice it! This is a great magazine which I recommend for children aged 7-13. Happy reading!

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