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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Jelly Belly: Beanboozled 2nd Edition

Following our recent trip to Hamleys after watching the Barmy Britain show yesterday, my brother and I decided to review the sweets we purchased. You can view the website here.
The flavours are...
Centipede OR strawberry jam
Toothpaste OR berry blue
Canned dog food OR chocolate pudding
Vomit OR peach
Mouldy cheese OR caramel corn
Rotten egg OR buttered popcorn
Baby wipes OR coconut
Bogeys OR juicy pear.

The bad bit is, every sweet looks like its partner, but they taste totally different.
My brother Robert says, "Dog food, bogeys, centipede and vomit taste HORRID and they make your breath smell very bad. It's very rare to get a nice flavour but sometimes you do. It is fun trying to smell which ones are good and which are bad."
Overall, this is a really fun and gross treat, perfect for sleepover truth or dare, but BE WARNED! This sweet is not for the squeamish! 

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