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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

My new slippers!

Hello everyone,
Summer has ended and winter is soon to come! Yesterday, I realised that my old slippers are WAY too small for me, so when I went with my grandma to get some presents for people, I was allowed to get something. It was a hard decision, but I decided to get slippers. They look like the ones in the picture, but are striped and are purple, grey and black. They are called Totes Isotoner Pillowsteps and they are absolutely lovely!
They look cool and have backs so you can walk in them easily. They are also very soft, but that's not my favourite thing about these. When you step into them, it feels like you're walking on pillows! This is the most refreshing, comfiest thing I have ever experienced in a piece of footwear! I love these, and wear them all around the house. My only con is that I am shoe size 4 but I take medium for these, which is size 5-6. However, I adore these amazing slippers and would wear them to school if I could!
**** (four stars)

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