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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Amy's Kitchen: Spinach Lasagna

I love Amy's Kitchen. The food is yummy and appealing, plus everything is organic. So far, I have tried the macaroni cheese and the Spinach Lasagna. The macaroni cheese is lovely; bite-sized bits of pasta in a smooth, silky cheese sauce. However, I prefer to focus on the lasagna. Resting in an flavour-full Italian style sauce, there lie long pieces of bumpy pasta that melt in your mouth. Sandwiched in between is a smooth, delicious mixture of spinach that I'm sure is appealing to everyone - even though it is a vegetable!
The lasagna is topped with scrummy cheese that melts when you put it in the microwave. I live in the UK and I am lucky, as Amy's Kitchen comes from here too! Here is a message to the world: EAT AMY'S KITCHEN; IT IS AMAZING!

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