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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Klutz Paper Fashions: Fancy

While looking online just now, I  came across a toy that I used to own. You can see more details here. Klutz Paper Fashions: Fancy is a book filled with advice and ideas on how to make mini, fancy paper clothes such as dresses and jackets. It comes with lovely coloured papers in all sorts of patterns and colours, that get your mind whirring. Next comes the ribbons and the sequins, along with the glue and mini hangers.
I remember how I spent ages using this, creating dresses, skirts, tops and tights for every occasion, using the stencils provided. This is such a fun set for girls aged 6-9 and the papers are fab! You could just get a refill of the papers and experiment without the book. I remember taking this into school and every girl in the class crowded onto my table to have a go. This is a great little set that inspired me to get into fashion and also made me get out of my mum's way! This is such fun, but be warned! The papers can go everywhere...

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