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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Theatre Tribe - fun at home this summer!

Me, Robert and Emma, who runs Theatre Tribe. Robert is being dramatic!
Many of our friends have spent their time this summer holiday abroad, relaxing in swim-suits by the sea. However, I  went to a drama camp last week in the “cold, miserable” UK and I think I had a better week than they did!

Theatre Tribe is a musical theatre camp which involves auditioning for and rehearsing a show, which you perform to your parents at the end of the week. My brother and I took part in Ma.Til.Da, a twist on the award-winning musical Matilda and we had an amazing time.
I was very pleased to be cast as Miss Honey, and as soon as we received our scripts we immediately started practising. We spent lots of time choreographing dance routines, going over lines and perfecting our singing.

Although every day was full-on and jam-packed with exciting things to do, the worst part of the week were our warm ups. They were extremely long, tiring and difficult, including sit ups, push ups, squats, star jumps and impossibly hard stretches. No one liked them very much.

There were two highlights of the week for me. The first was the West End Q&A with Emma Hatton (understudy to Scaramouche and Meatloaf from We Will Rock You) on Thursday. We had the chance to ask her lots of questions and she even sang for us. Theatre Tribe describe her visit as a “once in a lifetime” experience and I really enjoyed it.

Obviously, the second highlight was the performance of our show. It found it exhilarating  to perform on a proper stage with bright lighting to loads of people.

Overall, Theatre Tribe was an awesome experience which I will never forget. I learnt so much and I recommend it to everyone. Even though it doesn't involve the beach or sea....

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