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Sunday, 9 December 2012


Wordsearch! The Multiplayer Word Search Game
Although the concept may sound dreary, Wordsearch is one of the most entertaining and exciting games I know of. More details are on the American Amazon
The game works by putting a word-search onto a circular grid, placing a transparent frame over it and securing it in place with a green circle. To play, you have to find a word and the first person to do so puts their colour counters over it. At the end, the player with the most counters wins. Surprisingly, this game is very competitive and very hard. There are many themes for the game, ranging from countries to colours and none of them take a few minutes to complete!
This entertaining game can keep you occupied for hours on end and I can assure you, you'll definitely be having a rematch afterwards! 
If we have enough luggage space, we always take this fantastic game on holiday as my family cannot be without it - we always want to win. However, we rarely can take it with us as it is big, bulky and has lots of pieces. Apart from that I recommend this to everyone from one to one-hundred - this game suits everyone.


  1. This looks great! I found your blog via Kid's Blog Club! :)
    ~ Ruby @ http://feedmebooksnow.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Thanks for your comment. I've looked at your blog and it's fab! Your review of The Knife Of Never Letting Go made me want to read it so much I bought it online the next day!


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