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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

London Ludo

Hi everyone!
Today I'm reviewing a game with my friend Jonah. For more details, please click here.
The aim of London Ludo is to travel around the board in an iconic London black cab, visiting all of London's famous landmarks as you go. Watch out out for the other players: if they catch you you'll be sent back to the start!

An all round good quality game excellent for any time of the day, I really enjoy playing this with my family. The rules are easy to understand and with a London element you can never tire of this game. When Jessica asked me what I wanted to review the first thing that came into my mind was London Ludo because of the enjoyable entertainment it brings.
I'd recommend this fantastic game to anyone above the age of seven, but younger children will enjoy it too!

**** (and a half)
(they didn't have the name Jonah!)


  1. Hi Jess, it's me Jonah. Just wondered if you have a recommended book I can review.
    (Sorry I had to call this a comment!)

  2. Hello Jessica - thank you for the comment that you put on my blog. London Ludo sounds like a really good game. I really like your blog.


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