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Saturday, 25 August 2012


Recently, my lovely Auntie took me and my mum to a very posh restaurant called Dabbous. You may view their website here.
The outside may look a bit misleading, but when we stepped inside we were greeted warmly by the smart and friendly waiters and waitresses. As we reached our table, we were given a bowlful of delicious olives, six slices of homemade bread and also fresh butter. It was amazing and the butter tasted so lovely. It was better than supermarket products any day.
We were given a drinks menu, with a wide variety of spirits and cocktails to choose from, and I chose a berry cocktail, which was made specially without alcohol. It was delicious and refreshing and I will eat my hat if I ever experience a greater drink!

For starters, I had peas and mint, which was peas in a thick mint sauce, mint leaves and a sort of mint slush on the side. It was delicious, but I found the sauce a bit too thick. However, my auntie enjoyed it, so I presume that it is just me! I also tried some of my mum's tomato in its juices which was one of the most amazing things I have ever eaten, lovely and Italian with an olive oil kick. Next, my mum and I tried the summer vegetable broth with aged ewe's cheese. It was the best soup ever (probably)! The soup tasted a bit of vegetables and cheese and inside, there were vegetables floating around, such as peas. Yum! My auntie tried an egg with mushrooms and she really liked it.
After that, we had braised ling (a fish I had never heard of before) with cooked celery and a lemon sauce. I loved it, especially the size of the portion and the fish was delightful and chewy and the lemon sauce was just right. My auntie had mackerel and I didn't hear her complain, so I think she liked it. The celery was crunchy and yummy too. For dessert, my auntie and my mum had peach in its own juices which I tried. The juice was warm with a wintry feel and the peach was nice and juicy. I had vanilla ice-cream, strawberries and sauce. It was the nicest, freshest ice-cream I have ever tasted and the sauce was so lovely and sweet, I could have eaten it all day long. We also shared a custard pie between us, which was great. When my auntie had a coffee, they bought little pastries along with that too!
I had the nicest lunch I have ever had and hope to return there for my birthday or something of the sort. I recommend this 110% to EVERYONE and I give it *****. Bye for now!

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  1. I went here for my friends birthday. Everyone should go!


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