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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Woburn Safari Park

Hi everyone!
On Saturday, we visited the amazing Woburn Safari Park. You can visit their website here.  First of all, we drove past lots of animals in our car, which was amazing and made the zoo seem like nothing! I really liked the Bongos (animals with reddish brown skin and white stripes.) I was sad to hear that there are only 100 left in the wild. Other highlights were the carnivore section which got you up close to wolves, bears, lions and tigers. We were really scared when they got up close to our car!
However, they are extremely beautiful animals and I wanted to stay there forever! My brother and I loved the massive Rhinos and we also liked going in the African Forest, where monkeys would jump on the cars, unfortunately, the monkeys only jumped on silver and blue cars and our black one had nothing on it. It didn't matter though, as we had lots of fun! We had lunch at the park, where I had a children's box which contained juice, crisps, fromage frais, fruit and a cheese sandwich. After that we visited the shop, where my brother bought some toys. Next, we visited the cinema where we watched a short animated film about saving the oceans. It contained lots of well known tunes and that made the whole experience a lot more fun for me. After that, we saw a sea lion show, which was funny, exciting and it didn't harm the animals. Soon after, we went outside and saw the animals from the show being released into the water. We also visited the rest of the park where we saw monkeys, goats, penguins and more! The final thing we did was go on a pedalo, shaped like a swan. It was free and we got to drift blissfully around a big pond for ten minutes. Our swan was called Louise! After a yummy ice-cream, we drove back home.
What a great day!
I recommend Woburn Safari Park to EVERYONE, especially because we spent the whole day there and didn't do everything!
Bye for now!


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