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Friday, 31 August 2012

Sip N' Go 500ml Collapsible Water Bottle

 I have just received my new water bottle for school and it is fantastic. You can view more details here. My bottle is the purple one and I love it! It holds lots of water and is fun and squishable. You can write your name on it at the bottom and is easy to carry. You can even roll it up to make it smaller or clip it onto your bag or top. Today we went to the theatre and my hands were full, so I rolled my bottle up and clipped it onto my bracelet!
It is cool, stylish and handy and I totally recommend it. However, the lid is hard to get off at first, but when you do it a lot it becomes easier. I was surprised that it managed to stand up, but it does. It is exactly like a normal water bottle and it holds the same amount of water, but it is cheaper (mostly) cooler, lighter, brighter, smaller, more fun and handier. I recommend it 99.999% to EVERYONE!

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